About our Company

Alendvic is a group of companies which operates fast food restaurants at food courts on the territory of Russia. The company has its own brands and brands on the terms of the franchise agreement. Currently the corporate portfolio includes 10 brands, which are divided into two directions – restaurant business and photo business. 

Alendvic operates four international brands: “Kodak Express”, “Baskin Robbins”, “SFC-Express” and “Pretzelmaker”, one Russian federal brand “Shokoladnitsa” and five own brands – “Viva la Pizza”, “Sushi-Sun”, “Pelmeshki da Vareniki Express”, “Vkus Stranstvii” and “Oladushka Dushka”. 

The top-priority activity for the company is business in the sphere of fast food restaurants at food courts in large shopping centres. 

Alendvic controls the largest actively developing chain of fast food cafes in Perm and Perm region.

We develop our chain by ourselves and by franchising partners. Today we actively expand our brand “Pelmeshki da Vareniki Express” on condition of franchising.