Key dates: 

 1993 – The beginning of the company’s activity – after signing a franchising agreement with “Kodak” Alendvic launches “Kodak Express” net in Perm and the Perm region. 

 1998 – Alendvic diversifies – our company signs a franchising agreement with the world famous company ice-cream seller “Baskin Robbins Production International”. 

 2000 –  Alendvic expands – we sign a franchising agreement with “Fast Food Systems Ltd.” (UK), owner of the SFC trademark. 

 2003-2007 – Alendvic creates – we begin launching our own brands: “Coffee Expert”, “Steak House”, “Viva la Pizza”, “Sushi-Sun”, “Pelmeshki da Vareniki”, “Vkus Stranstvii” (“Taste of the Journey”). 

 2007 – 2011 – Alendvic innovates – our company spreads the “food-court” concept to major Shopping Malls in Perm and to other Russian cities. 

2011 – Alendvic signs a franchise agreement with “Gallery ALEX” and starts developing the brand “Shokoladnitsa” in Perm and Perm region. 

2013 – Alendvic launches a new brand “Pelmeshki da Vareniki Express”  

2014 – Alendvic signs an agreement with “Global Franchise Group” (USA) and starts developing the brand “Pretzelmaker”, opening the first stores of the brand in Russia. 

2015 – Alendvic launches a new brand “Tochitos” based on Mexican food

2019 – Alendvic launches a new Multi brand format unifying 3 concepts (chicken, pizza, sushi) behind one counter