Alexander Nikiforov

CEO, the founder of the company

In 1993 established contact with the “Kodak” company and founded the organization “Kodak Express Photo World”, which rendered services in the sphere of photography.

In 1998 as part of diversification of business opened the first café “Baskin Robbins” under franchise agreement.

In 2000 signed the second franchise agreement with «Fast Food Systems» (Great Britain) and opened the first fast food café in the city – “SFC-Express”.

This period marked the beginning of the new company’s direction – chain of cafes and restaurants. Now it consists of 90 stores.

“We are the company of the strong. Everyone who joins the company feels the strength of our business culture, our speed and quest for excellence. We develop ourselves and thus develop the company, change our lives and the lives of others making them bright, fast-moving and positive. Our principle – never stop, as together we can achieve a lot, and our main experts are our guests and clients”.

Galina Udavihina

Product Director

In the position since 1993.

Manages the operating activity of the cafes, including the managing of products and stores.

Dmitriy Ermakov

Chief financial officer

In the position since 2014.

Controls and manages the financial recourses of the company, attraction of financial resources, develops tax policies, organizes the processes of financial and management accounting.

Elena Yunko

Executive director of the chain of cafes

In the company since 1994.

Manages the chain of cafes, divided by formats and territories, controls the quality of service in stores.


Natalya Privalova

The director of Industrial Logistics Complex

In the company since 1995

During the work in the company climbed the career ladder.

Was in the positions of director of the chain of cafes and product director.

In the present position since 2013.

Provides effective work of production and storage of materials.