Fish&Chips chef and industry expert is in Perm...

Fish&Chips is a National Treasure of the United Kingdom. There is a whole Fish&Chips industry nowadays. It is a very popular food which dates back from 1850-s. The concept presents deep-fried buttered fish (traditionally haddock, cod or flatfish) and French fries, sliced deep-fried potatoes.

This week Mark Petrou, one of the most famous and ourstanding experts in the UK Fish&Chips industry, is visiting Perm. The Petrou family have been in the fish frying trade since 1968. Now it runs a chain of Fish&Chips shops called  “The Petrou Brothers”. One of them has «The Fish & Chip Shop of the Year» award as the best Fish&Chips shops in the United Kingdom. This is an annual and the most prestigious competetion that has been on for 22 years. 

The Petrous use up-to-date technologies to cook the nation’s traditionally favourite food. As a result they get a dish with a wonderful taste and smell with less than 8% of fat. Fish&Chips is absolutely natural and healthy food offered by the nature. Every year 350 million Fish&Chips are sold in the UK. Sales are growing now as  Fish&Chips has become even more delicous! What makes every Fish&Chips special? It is easy! Every Fish&Chips shop is unuique as more than 11 thousand shops are tradutionally run privately in the UK.

Mark Petrou has an active social life, he visites different TV-shows with celebrities. He has also published a book called «Fish&Chips. A National Treasure». Mark has a forum on the Internet about Fish&Chips industry where thousands of experts and people who love Fish&Chips can share their ideas.

Mark came to Perm to teach local chefs how to cook Fish& Chips. The first Fish& Chips restaurant will soon open in Russia! Alendvic,  the leading chain operator in the Perm Krai, starts the project of a new brand restaurant chain in the nearest future.