New food court in Kirov

Our new food court was opened in the shopping centre “Jam Mall” in Kirov on the 19th of February. The inhabitants of the city of Kirov have appreciated the advantages of the new and modern shopping centre “Jam Mall”.  It’s an attractive combination of cinema, amusement zone and a great number of outlets of fashionable trade names. After the opening of the food court in “Jam Mall” the customers have a great possibility to have a snack not leaving the zone of Shopping Mall.

In the shopping centre “Jam Mall” we represented 4 popular formulas: “SFC-Express”, “Viva la Pizza”, “Pelmeshki da Vareniki”, “Sushi San” -  everyone can find a favorite dish to his taste.

Our address is Kirov: Gor’kovo  Street, 5a, the shopping centre “Jam Mall”, the third floor.