Our Participation in “Buy Brand” Exhibition 2011

At the end of September our company traditionally took part in the annual franchising exhibition “Buy Brand”. Investors, bankers, franchise dealers and potential franchisees, experts and consultants gathered together at the biggest display that was held on the 21-23 of September.   “Buy Brand” exhibition has about 200 of booths which demonstrate more than 200 brands from 30 countries from all over the world. It is an ideal place for business acquaintance.

         Our company has been taking part in this for 8 years already. First we together with our English partners FFS Company presented SFC-Express brand then started promotion of our own 4 franchises “Pelmeshki da Vareniki”, “Viva la Pizza”, “Sushi San” and “Coffee Expert”.

         The director of the franchising department, Maksim Lipkin, said that businessmen from different cities of Russia and not only Russia were interested in our brands. We have already had talks with our potential franchisees from Ulyanovsk, Tolyatty, Rostov, Tobolsk, Novosibirsk, Kiev and other cities. As a rule these are people who don’t have experience in restaurant business but have investments or want to diversify their existing business. For them the franchising scheme is the easiest way for entering the new business area.

         Maksim points out that the most popularity is gained by the brand “Pelmeshki da Vareniki” and it is evident because traditional Russian cuisine is the concept that will always be a success in every spot of our huge country.

         We are sure that the participation in the exhibition will help us to make our brands more recognizable and new franchising enterprises will appear soon!