The Opening in Izhevsk in Hypermarket “Real”

This year our company realizes the first project of cooperation with Co Ltd “Real, - Hypermarket” – Russian branch of German system of hypermarkets Real. It should be marked that German system of hypermarkets Real is included in METRO Group.

The hypermarket is divided into 5 main subject sections: “The World of Entertainment”, “Beauty Care”, “Homeware”, “Grocery Store” and “Seasonal Goods”.

“Real, - Hypermarket” is a representative of hypermarket new generation, based on the knowledge of Russian customers demands and their style of consumption.

In Hypermarket “Real” our company introduces three brands: “Southern Fried Chicken”, “Pelmeshki da Vareniki” and “Baskin Robbins”.

The address of the new café: Izhevsk, Lenina Street, 136.