Today we are 101!

We are proud to announce that our quantity has already come up to 100! Nowadays you can visit 101 cafés of Alendvic.

During the first quarter of 2011 we managed to open 7 fast-food restaurants. A food court in Kirov in city-center “Jam Mall”, a café SFC-Express in a petrol station in Krasnokamsk and two franchise cafes of “Pelmeshki da Vareniki” and “Viva la Pizza” in Kazan are among them.

This great quantity proves how mature we are. Nowadays there are not so many chains in Russia with the number of stores more than 100. Alendvic is glad to be among major fast food operators and is planning to continue development on the territory of Russia.

We are going to open this year 18 more fast-food restaurants in shopping malls and petrol stations in Izhevsk and Kirov.