Social Responsibility

From the very beginning we identified social responsibility as a substantial element of our corporate policy. The mission of our company is based on respect for people and the desire to improve the quality of their life, and is socially responsible in its essence.

In 1997 the company became one of the first members of the Non-Commercial Partnership “Perm Guild of Honest Enterprises.” We enthusiastically endorse and share its philosophy encapsulated in the motto: “Honour above profit!”

Our concept of socially responsible business includes, responsiveness to public interests, strict fulfilling of our commitments, qualitative service, and transparent relations with our partners and society.

Charity, naturally corresponding to the essence of our existence, is a permanent component of our model of social responsibility.  The company “Alendvic” renders financial assistance to

  • Children’s Home № 2 (Perm), which cares for, educates, and places within responsible households children from 1,5 to 18
  • The Perm regional branch of the Russian Public Organization of Invalids
  • The Perm Drama Theatre;
  • Perm State University;
  • Perm Regional Hospital № 2 “The Heart Institute,” which houses a federal centre of cardio-vascular surgery and a branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

We respect the honorable mission of these institutions, which have became our partners and friends, and we consider social responsibility an essential component of our future development.