Our Franchisees

«Pelmeshki da Vareniki»/«Viva La Pizza»

62 Tolstoy Str., Kostanay, Kazakhstan

In 2008 Alendvic announced the launch of a new franchise project. “Pelmeshki da Vareniki” and “Viva la Pizza” were sold in Kazakhstan. The project was seen as a risky one by some public catering experts. Despite that, it proved to be a success. Here is the story. After a thorough preparation in September 2009 a new modern and cozy restaurant opened its doors to new customers.

High European service and catering standards were new for Kazakhstan and the Kostanay City. The format of fast-food restaurant is not very common in Kostanay as very few restaurants can offer it. There are no many places where people can have good fast-food lunch and spend a nice evening out with family and friends at quite affordable prices. Along with lunches and dinners you can also spoil yourself with a wonderful breakfast. Early in the morning a restaurant starts serving hot and nourishing European breakfasts, the ones that suit big city lifestyle. Regular promotion actions give the customers a chance to get discounts unbelievable for Kostanay. 

Alendvic believes the Kazkhstan project has a great potential with all chances to become a leader of public catering sector in Kostanay. Besides, we see a number of prospects to develop and open new Aledvic restaurants of different brands in this area.