Pelmeshki da Vareniki Express

About the brand

“Pelmeshki da Vareniki Express” – first Russian fast food!

The menu includes pelmeni, vareniki, branded pies, fruit drinks, salads and soups.

The unique dish is called “ukusiki” – small deep fried pelmeni which weigh only 2.5 grams and can be eaten for one bite. When you try ukusiki you’ll change your opinion about traditional pelmeni. Today this dish is new and special, but still tasty and nourishing.

The order is completed for 2 minutes, you won’t see a long queue. Because of convenient packaging, preserving warmth, you can always take dishes with you.


Values of the brand

  • Tasty and familiar product

Familiar and favourite, homemade-like pelmeni and vareniki in a modern format

  • Time saving

Minimum time of waiting and completing the order

Healthy alternative to fast food

  • Convenient package – hot food container

All the branded products are in a unique individual package which preserves warmth and freshness of dishes.

  • Unique dishukusiki

Small crispy fried pelmeni which can be eaten for one bite


Franchise terms

Franchise fee = 100 000 roubles

Royalty = 3%

Investments = from 3 900 000 roubles

Payback period = from 1 year