To suppliers

Our principles   

We have formed a reliable base of suppliers with who we have developed stable and mutually beneficial relations.

However, to meet the requirements of our customers, our experts in the Department of Deliveries work constantly to improve the quality of goods and services and are ready to expand their range. We are always ready to consider new business proposals of suppliers in order to extend the range of our goods and improve services.

The Criteria of Choosing Suppliers 

  • Good reputation in the market
  • High and consistent quality
  • Competitive price
  • Marketing fund
  • Payment postponement
  • Regular logistics of goods and documents
  • Strict observance of law requirements for storing and transporting goods
  • The guarantee of returning and changing goods in case of defects or date expiration

 Our principles of cooperation with partners

  •  trust and mutual aid
  • obligatory execution of  agreements
  • flexibility, loyalty, honesty and transparency
  • long-term and effective cooperation


If you want to cooperate with us, fill in the form of business proposal